Dr. Eric Studley, Stephanie Rodin, Esquire, Mr. Rob Malandruccolo, Greg Chapin, CEPA, CRPS
Dr. James Fitzgerald – Moderator    

Tuesday, March 31st – 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm – 2 CE CREDIT HOURS

FEE: Students, Residents and New Dentists – FREE of charge

Your First Year in Dental Practice

A Panel Discussion

The Greater Long Island Dental Meeting invites you to attend our “SUCCESS THROUGH MENTORSHIP” Panel Discussion on Tuesday March 31, 2020 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Our expert panel includes Ms. Stephanie Rodin, Esq, an attorney who specializes in health care partnerships and mergers; Dr. Eric Studley, a dentist and insurance broker with expertise in all types of insurance relevant to the dental profession; Mr. Gregory Chapin, a financial planner from UBS and Mr. Robert Malandruccolo from Bank of America who specializes in dental practice financing.

Our panel will offer valuable advise and information to the student, resident and new dentist necessary to their success in the first years of practice.

The panel will field questions from the audience on various topics ranging from associateships, contracts, insurance, financial planning, financing and mentorship. Our panel will provide an interdisciplinary response to the questions when relevant to create an open dialogue between our experts and our young dentists.

We look forward to your attendance and encourage your participation.

The Panel:

Stephanie Rodin, Esq.    

Rodin Legal, P.C.
215 East 58th Street,  4th floor
New York, NY 10022


Dr. Eric Studley
Eric S. Studley & Assoc. Inc.


Gregory Chapin , CEPA, CRPS

UBS Financial Services, Inc.
1251 Avenue of the Americas

Robert Malandruccolo
Bank of America



Greg Chapin, CEPA

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), Greg assists entrepreneurs in finding strategic options to build, transition or exit their businesses. His process begins with an in depth understanding of the client’s business, financial and personal goals to develop a customized financial strategy. In concert with his team of dedicated professionals, he is focused on collaborating across business divisions to deliver their firm’s intellectual capital and expertise to help meet a client’s needs. Greg has proven critical expertise in identifying middle markets and larger investment banking opportunities best suited to their clientele as well as other advanced liquidity solutions including exchange funds, ESOP’s structured solutions, and portfolio lending.

Greg and his wife Brittany, reside in Irvington, New York

Rob Malandruccolo, VP of Dental Financing –
Regional Business Development Officer
Bank of America Practice Solutions

Robert joined the Practice Solutions (Dental Division) line of business in March 2013 as an Area Manager covering both New York and New Jersey. In 2014, Robert was promoted to Regional Business Development Officer and services dental clients seeking financing for Healthcare Projects/Business Endeavors, throughout the state of New York, which includes first locations, additional locations, remodels, expansions equipment, refinancing debt and commercial real estate purchases. Robert has over 16 years in the dental industry working preciously with the two largest companies in the market and has helped over 350 dental clients with practice ownership and expansion.

Stephanie Rodin, Esquire

Since early childhood, Stephanie has have been surrounded by healthcare professionals, as her immediate relatives are either dentists or physicians whose practices encompass a variety of specialties.  As a result, even before Stephanie decided to pursue a career in law, she was exposed to the legal issues that routinely arise during the practice of dentistry and medicine.  After many years working in the field of dental/medical defense malpractice, where she learned firsthand the pitfalls that await those who do not properly set up their practices, and established her firm;  Rodin Legal, P.C., in 2010 to provide advice, counsel and legal expertise to help her clients navigate the legal complexities attendant to the healthcare field.  Stephanie’s firm concentrates on assisting individual and multi-member practices to ensure their legal protection and profitability from formation until retirement.  From setting up the right legal entity to preparing practice consent forms to reviewing and drafting the necessary legal agreements, Rodin Legal, P.C. is the legal resource to inform healthcare practices of how best to protect themselves during expansion and growth, to avoid or reduce the likelihood of audits and run a practice with limited risk.

Dr. Eric Studley

Dr. Eric S. Studley is a renowned speaker in the dental community who has lectured throughout the country on the subjects of insurance planning, risk and practice management, ergonomics, ethics and case acceptance. Dr. Studley has consistently been the #1 disability producer in the United States with Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America. He is recognized for his industry knowledge and outstanding ethical standards.

Dr. Studley is the CEO of a nationally based insurance brokerage firm specializing in the insurance and financial needs of dentists. In addition, Dr. Studley is a founder of Doccupations, an online algorithmic dental job matching service. Dr. Studley recently retired as an Associate Clinical Professor at NYU College of Dentistry, a G.P. Director in the Department of Cariology and management. Dr. Studley is a speaker for the ADA’s practice management program for dental schools throughout the country. He has published articles in numerous dental journals. Dr. Studley is a member of NYU Dental’s Omega chapter of O.K.U., a national dental honor society.