Terms and Conditions


1. ASSIGNMENTS OF SPACE - Each exhibit space shall be assigned solely by the Committee and no such assignment shall be deemed unless and until the requisite contract for specified space, duly signed by the Exhibitor, delivered to and accepted by the Committee.

2. TERMS OF PAYMENT - A deposit of  $750 for the space shall be paid to the Committee on delivery to it of the Exhibitor’s signed contract and the entire balance shall be paid on or before the 1st of January, 2013.  It is agreed by the exhibiting company and the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting that prior to January 5, 2013. This contract may be canceled by the Exhibitor without loss of deposit.  Cancellation after January 5, 2013 requires forfeiture of the entire amount paid on booth space.

3. SET UP - Exhibit space will be available for setting up of display on Tuesday, April 16th after 11:00 AM.  All exhibits must be setup on Tuesday, April 16th.  No setting up is allowed on at any other time thereafter.

4. OFFICIAL CONTRACTOR - The official contractor for the 2013 Meeting will be GES Exposition Services, 125 North Street, Teterboro, New Jersey 07608, Telephone #: 201-814-0122, Fax #: 201-814-0122.  Do not send any material directly to the Huntington Hilton Hotel.  All shipments by or for the Exhibitor, irrespective of when made must be sent to the above address with clear markings thereon for the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting.  Companies located on Long Island should contact GES Exposition Services for more direct pickup and delivery to the Huntington Hilton Hotel.  Neither the Committee nor the Hotel shall have any liability or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to or destruction of any of the equipment, materials, or property shipped by the Exhibitor.

5. DISMANTLING OF EXHIBITS - The Exhibitor shall, at their expense, dismantle their entire exhibit and all displays therein, and shall remove the same together with all of the Exhibitor’s property from the Huntington Hilton Hotel by no later than 11:00 P.M., Wednesday, April 17, 2013.  In the event that the Exhibitor shall fail to effect such removal within the time specified, than the Exhibitor’s property may be stored in a warehouse or at another location “all at the expense of the said Exhibitor”.

6. ASSESSMENT OR SUBLETTING - The Exhibitor shall use their space solely and exclusively for the exhibition of equipment and materials manufactured or distributed by them in the regular course of their business, and for no other assign, sublet or otherwise apportion or dispose of their exhibit space or any part thereof.  Any use of all or part of said space by or for any person, firm or entity other than the Exhibitor, is expressly prohibited and forbidden.

7. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS - Each exhibit space will be supplied one outlet to accommodate a 100-watt bulb.  If an Exhibitor has additional electrical or phone line needs, then the Hilton Huntington Hotel must be informed one month prior to the Meeting to make arrangements for these additional requests (a separate electrical form will be included in the Exhibitor Packet).

8. SECURITY SERVICE - The Greater Long Island Dental Meeting will be providing watchmen security for the Exhibit Floor. The Exhibitor is urged to take all precautions necessary to protect their displays and property against any damage, loss or destruction.  Neither the management of the Huntington Hilton Hotel nor the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting will be responsible for the safety of the Exhibits against theft, damage by fire, accident or other cause.  Although the Committee plans to provide watchmen in connection with the conduct of the exhibition, the same shall not constitute the assumption by the Committee or the Huntington Hilton Hotel of any liability or responsibility for the safety or security of the Exhibitor, their agents, representatives, employees or guests, as well as their exhibit display or property.

9. SOLICITING REGULATIONS - It is forbidden to have any representatives of the company solicit their customers or attendance at any other area in the building other than their own booth or directly in front of their booth.  Salesmen and representatives of companies not exhibiting will be prohibited from soliciting from the exhibit floor.

10. CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND CONTROL - In the event that due to fire or other casualty, strikes, lockouts, construction operations, action or any condition by the Huntington Hilton Hotel, litigation, action of the elements, act of God, or other circumstances beyond the Committee’s control, the Meeting is not held, the exhibition is barred, prevented or canceled, or the Exhibitor’s space is not made available for its use (for reasons other than the Exhibitor’s breach of default), then and in any of such events, the sole obligation of the Committee shall be to refund to the Exhibitor all sums theretofore paid to the Committee under the Exhibitor’s contract, and both parties shall thereupon be deemed released of and from all further liability under said contract.  

11. COMMITTEE - The Committee shall have the right to bar, eject and remove from the Exhibition and the area in which the same is conducted, any and all persons whom it may deem objectionable or who fail or refuse to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions stated.