• “How to Run a Successful Dental Practice in 2022”

  • Ms. Christine Taxin

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  • Wednesday, April 13th – 3 CREDIT HOURS

  • Define specific goals (What A DSO Company Does Every Year)

  • We need to become the best businesspeople now!

“How to Run a Successful Dental Practice in 2022”

Define specific goals (What A DSO Company Does Every Year)

We need to become the best businesspeople now!

What we do, broad, generic goals are not as effective as targeted, specific goals that have the power to motivate you and your dental practice. No follow up with team meeting. Running around the office every day asking for someone to do something. No communication skills, a company trains their leaders how to set up the entire program, who taught you?

Communicate the company-wide goals to your team members and help each team member understand how their goals tie to the overall goals. Find out if team members are interested in learning new skills or other professional development. By involving each person in the goal setting process, you motivate your team and help set goals that are realistic and attainable. In addition to goal setting, here are more examples of specific goals you may want to set for your practice in 2022:

  • Add or refine services based on patient need, input, available resources, and ROI.
  • Identify gaps in skills across your team and tailor continuing education courses to close gaps.
  • Create a marketing plan that includes attracting new patients and retaining current patient loyalty.
  • Calculate production and collection KPIs that involve debt reduction, savings, and cash-flow.
  • Learn how to use codes for the patient not just do the same treatment on every patient! (Look at the patients in your system telling you Prophy, Filling.
  • Set daily goals for everyone, not just you.

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Ms. Christine Taxin
Christine’s company, Links2Success, is approved as a PACE continuing education provider through the Academy of General Dentistry. Prior to starting her own management consulting company, she worked for a large New York City hospital as administrator of a critical department, managed an extensive practice, and worked with Coaching Solutions and Dynamic Administrators consulting companies. She has also trained in management at LVI. She has been awarded the “Leader in Consulting” honor for the past four years in Dentistry Today.
Today, Christine serves as an adjunct professor at the New York University (NYU) Dental School and Resident Programs for New York City Programs. She will also begin teaching coding at Harvard Dental School. Simply put, there’s no one better to trust when it comes to enlightening dentists and team members regarding all the in’s and out’s of dental billing and coding! Contact Links2Success today to get started with planning a meeting.