• “Treating the Apprehensive, Medically Compromised and Phobic Patient with Sedation / Anesthesia”

  • Sedation License Renewal – NYS Approved Mandated 12 Hour Course

  • Tuesday, April April 12th – 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm + Wednesday, April 13th – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

  • 12 CE Credit Hours

  • Fee: ADA MEMBER: $400 NON-ADA: $475

“Treating the Apprehensive, Medically Compromised and Phobic Patient with Sedation / Anesthesia”

NYS Approved Mandated 12 Hour Course

Sedation License Renewal

New York State and many other states now require providers who offer sedation to complete significant hour of continuing education focused on Anesthesia Complications and Airway Management. This program is designed for the general practitioner as well as all specialists. Everyone from first year dental student, your receptionist to the veteran about to retire will benefit from this course. Today many of our patients treat their own anxiety by self-medicating themselves or expect us to offer them a “magic pill”. There is no simple solution but I will show you how to be proactive and avoid serious complications.

Over twenty five percent of the dental population do not visit a dentist on a regular basis out of fear. In order for the dentist to treat this unique population he or she must understand the unique challenges they present. Also as patients get older and through the advances of modern medicine we encounter patients with a laundry list of medical problems. Once in a while, we encounter that special patient who is medically compromised and unmanageable.


This program will demonstrate, through case studies, how utilizing TLC, Nitrous Oxide, Alcohol, Anxiolysis and Oral and IV Sedation, can help and manage the apprehensive patient. We will also role-play and simulate dental office emergencies. A significant amount of time will focus on airway management by the solo operator or as a team member working with an anesthesiologist. Everyone will participate in hands on workshops with a variety of airway adjuncts to treat airway emergencies.


Treating the apprehensive man, woman or child can be very rewarding. When managed properly they remain loyal for life and most often refer their friends and family. Everything from tender loving care to general anesthesia will be covered. Other courses teach you how to medicate, communicate and delegate.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand how to effectively manage apprehensive children and adults.
  • Recognize the difference between Anxiolysis, Sedation, Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia.
  • Early recognition of airway problems and corrective techniques.
  • How to perform dentistry on a sedated patient with an open or compromised airway.
  • Be able to manage anesthesia related emergencies.
  • Determine which additional training is right for your practice.


Marc M. Gottlieb, DDS

Dr. Gottlieb is currently on staff at Stony Brook University Hospital and maintains a full time private practice. During his 38 year dental career was awarded 2 US patents, presented over

125 continuing education programs and has published over 20 articles. For the past eight years, Dr. Gottlieb has been honored by Dentistry Today’s list of top CE providers.

For additional information, Dr. Gottlieb can be reached through his website, http://www.anxietyfreedental.com