“From Basic to Beautiful – The Art of Custom Shading, Staining and Micro Layering Ceramic Restorations”

Hands-on Presentation – Limited to 30 Participants

Wednesday, April 26th – 8:30 am to 11:30 am


Richard Sousa, DDS, MDT

Richard Sousa DDS, MDT brings a unique set of skills to dentistry. He is not only a highly skilled dentist but also a Master Dental Technologist. Dr. Sousa’s dual skills in dentistry and technology help him achieve exceptional clinical results.

He started his career as a laboratory technologist. When he was twelve years old he began working in his father’s dental lab after school. He continued in the laboratory industry throughout college and for several years afterward, developing his skills and reputation as a ceramist, laboratory manager, consultant, and lecturer. At the age of thirty, he made the decision to go to dental school. Dr. Sousa graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1989 followed by a residency in Cranio Mandibular Disorders also at NYU. He is a Fellow of the Northeastern Gnathological Society/Academy of Multidisciplinary Dentistry (NGS-AMD) and serves as a director on its Board, He also is a member of the AACD, AO, AGD and ADA Dr. Sousa Maintains a private practice in Roslyn Heights NY and is an Attending Doctor at North Shore University Hospital department of dentistry in Manhasset.

From Basic to Beautiful – “The Art of Custom Shading, Staining and Micro Layering Ceramic Restorations”

This hands on and lecture course will Participants will learn the dynamics of color in dentistry and have the opportunity to custom shade, stain and micro layer an all-ceramic crown.

• Selecting a shade

• Understanding block selection

• Using use a paste ceramic system to achieve color layers

• Micro layering to achieve corrections and texture

Upon completion attendees will not only have a better knowledge of how to customize color in their own practice but will have developed a better understanding of how to communicate with their laboratory technologist.

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