Ritu Shah, DMD

“Bikes, Bathtubs, and Bounce Houses:
A Pediatric Dental Trauma Update and Long-term Treatment Goals”

Wednesday, April 26th – 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Ritu Shah, DMD

As Residency Program Director for Pediatric Dental Medicine at LIJ/CCMC at Northwell, Ritu Shah, DMD, is passionate about providing excellent oral care for pediatric dental patients of all backgrounds in part by leveraging resident education and training. Additionally, she provides direct patient care in an outpatient setting focused on creating a dental home and positive dental experiences for everyone she sees. Dr. Shah has treated patients for over 10 years and loves working with families to overcome dental fear, extensive dental decay, dental trauma, and growth disturbances with compassion and using innovative techniques.

“Bikes, Bathtubs, and Bounce Houses: A Pediatric Dental Trauma Update and Long-term Treatment Goals

Managing dental trauma in pediatric patients does not have to be stressful! Join in this course for some quick tips that will make these situations less traumatic for everyone involved.


• Attendees will know the current IADT and AAPD trauma guidelines, including major changes that were made – Attendees will be exposed to a variety of cases that highlight challenges and successes in treating dental trauma.

• Attendees will come to understand nuances in treatment goals depending on type of emergency, stage of development, and other factors.

• Attendees will be introduced to a variety of endodontic techniques and materials that are helping to advance long-term success cases.

Plus… >

“Patience with your Patients’ Parents – Cracking the Pediatric Dentistry Code!”

Ever wonder how pediatric dentists are able to work with kids day in and day out? Join in this course for a great discussion on leveraging your available resources to reduce frustrations related to treating children in the office. Who knows, you may even start looking forward to it!


• Attendees will have a chance to share experiences of working with pediatric patients, including frustrations, in a supportive space.

• Attendees will come to understand the basis for changing trends in parenting and how it influences the dental appointment and beyond.

• Attendees will learn how to quickly assess parent-child relationships to leverage them for more successful appointments.

• Attendees will be exposed to quick tips that can be implemented easily to make treating pediatric patients more rewarding!