Mr. Gregor Connell

“Biological & Biomimetic Restoratives: Are you Offering Either in your Practice?”

Hands-on Presentation – limited to 30 Participants

Wednesday, April 26th – 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Mr. Gregor Connell

Mr. Connell has over thirty years in the dental industry and has been lecturing and training on materials for over twenty of those years. He has lectured in over 50 states, coast-to-coast in Canada and throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Currently he is VOCO’s North American Director of Clinical Education. He is described by his dental peers as dynamic, knowledgeable and engaging speakers. One who brings not only technical and educational content to every session, but delivers it with clarity, acuity and humor.

“Biological & Biomimetic Restoratives: Are you Offering Either in your Practice” – Hands-on Presentation

In recent years, two categories/areas of restorative dentistry have grown exponentially around the globe. Biological materials support the ever-growing patient base that suffers from material “sensitivities” and comes to your practice with very specific needs. Biomimetic dentistry is the natural evolution of Conservative dentistry, offering minimally-invasive preps and utilizing restorative materials that “mimic” the biology of the natural tooth.

This course will identify the key elements to look for in materials for each category and discuss how they impact the definitive restoration in situ. Specific information will be shared on the following:

• Understanding marginal integrity and how your material can impact this “clinical hotspot” over time..

• KCPI – Key Clinical Performance Indicators; What are they in composites and how do they affect my restorations longevity?..

• Materials from both categories will be made available to the attendees to personally manipulate and evaluate…

Upon completion, attendees will have a deeper understanding of both these growing areas of dentistry and what is available from a materials perspective. Additionally, with this information the attendee will be able to decide if either of these categories could provide potential value to their patients and clinical practice.

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