Bernard Fialkoff, DDS

“Vaping, CBD, Medical Marijuana – Scientific Truths and Community Solutions”

Wednesday, April 26th – 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Bernard Fialkoff, DDS

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff DDS; Class Valedictorian SUNY at Stony Brook Dental 1980; Alpha Omega Award; OKU Honor Society; Periodontal and Dental Implant Post Graduate Certificate Memphis Veterans Administration Hospital /

University of Tennessee Dental School 1982. Private Practice in NYC delivering Periodontics, Dental Implantology, Laser Therapy and Dental Cosmetic Plastic Surgery over 40 years. Member NYSDA Chemical Dependency Committee; Fellowship in International College of Dentistry and Pierre Fauchard Honor Society; International Freedom Medal Honor for establishing Drug Education in 5 countries; Honorary member of US High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program (HIDTA).

Founding Sponsor and President of the Foundation for a Drug Free World of The Americas Chapter Education Program that since 2006, conducted more than 2200 training workshops educating more than 100,000 persons The program achieved a 19 % reduction in teenage drug usage in NYC in 2016 – the first such drop in a decade. Dr. Fialkoff has trained more than 5000 NYPD School Safety Officers on illicit drugs and synthetic drugs. Rang Opening Bell at Nasdaq to introduce Drug Education.

Keynote Speaker on drugs at six United Nations events. Interfaith Drug Education speaker at Brooklyn Borough Hall with then President Eric Adams. Featured Lecturer at the Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Jacob Javits Center 2014-2019.

“Vaping, CBD, Medical Marijuana – Scientific Truths and Community Solutions”

The nationwide emergence of vaping, cbd, medical and recreational marijuana has many dental ramifications. Drugs have caused an alarming 106,000 deaths in 2021. and intraoral disease states have multiplied. Proper patient management and pain control issues have surfaced. Fentanyl is now disguised as candy and given to our children. Truth is that our families, communities and profession are at risk.

Learn the clinical implications of vaping, cbd and marijuana on your dental practice; and how to avoid risks and implement effective, workable solutions. View how to establish yourself as a community leader and as organized dentists can empower each and every dentist as a group; And as a consequence, gain more control over PPO fee schedules and preserve private practice dentistry, while leading our patients to better health and wellness.

Objectives –

• Recognize clinical ramifications of these drugs on dental practice.

• Learn what to implement and include in the treatment of patients..

• Recognize the actual community and professional consequences of these drugs.

• View an effective, worthwhile solution in positioning your dental practice.

Outcome –

A dental practitioner properly and fully educated on the scientific truth of vaping, cbd, marijuana; enabled to safely treat patients who are using these drugs. A dentist who can help his patients in health and wellness – more in control of his private practice. And as a result become recognized as a community leader.