New Dentists in First Year

Your residency program counts as 60 CE credits AND you are responsible for taking the courses mandated by New York State before your license expires.

Licensed Dentists

New York State’s Mandatory Continuing Education law requires that a dentist obtain at least 60 credit hours of continued education every three years. Qualified courses are determined by The New York State Education Department.



Requirements for each three-year registration period:

  • 60 total continuing education credit hours. 18 out of the 60 credits can be home study
  • New York State Mandated Infection Control course (once every 4 years)
  • CPR course: certification must be current at all times (varies 1-3 years). CPR must be taken in person.

Courses requiring one time completion:

Practice Management courses are not accepted by the State Education Department and cannot count towards the 60-credit total.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists holding a New York State license are required under New York State Law to fulfill 24 continuing education credit hours every 3-year registration period.

More information about courses and requirements can be found at the New York State Education Department.

All Attendees

Scan the QR code posted in the lecture room of each scientific program. Simply follow the prompts to answer the evaluation questions and your credits will be certified. A certificate of all the courses attended will be sent to your registration email.

*ADA Members’ credits will be automatically sent to the NYSDA and AGD for accreditation.

Table Presentations and Hours Sessions

Sign-in sheets are available at each event. A certificate will be sent for each event attended to your registration email.

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