Treating Snoring/Sleep Disordered Breathing and
Intraoral Facial Aesthetics with Lasers


SPEAKER: Larry Lieberman, DDS

DATES: Wednesday, April 3rd – 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Larry Lieberman, DDS
Dr. Larry Lieberman began his career as a dentist over 40 years ago. After his undergraduate studies at SUNY Cortland, NY he continued his education and graduated from the prestigious NYU College Of Dentistry. After a few snowy winters, he moved south and has practiced in Palm Harbor Florida since 1984. He has over 6 different all tissues lasers and multiple low level lasers and has been using lasers since 2001.

Course Description:

This course is for all dental practitioners and team members to learn about the applications of lasers for the following applications:

• Sleep disordered breathing (including screening) whereby the soft palate and uvula are bathed with laser energy which tightens the collagen and opens up the airway without cutting or surgery.

• Laser therapies Sleep Disordered Breathing (snoring, sleep apnea and more)

• Non-surgical laser applications in improving sports performance and nasal breathing

• Applications in facial Aesthetics within the scope of dental practice

• Facial Rejuvenation – “Turn Back the Clock of Facial Aging”

• Wrinkle reduction and prevention – bathing the inside of the cheek in laser energy tightening the collagen so the outside of the cheek looks smooth

• Laser lip enhancement – the inside of the lip is bathed in laser energy creating new collagen and making lips look fuller.

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