David Rice, DDS

“Is Everyone Smiling But You? “

Wednesday, April 26th – 8:30 am – 11:30 am

David Rice, DDS

As seen on the Doctors, founder of the nation’s largest young dentists and student community, Dr. David R. Rice travels the world speaking, writing, and connecting today’s top young dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices. In addition to igniteDDS, David is Chief Editor of Dentistry IQ and leads a team-centered restorative practice in East Amherst, NY.

“Is Everyone Smiling But You?”

Dentistry is an incredible profession… but if you’re anything like most…your path to this moment hasn’t always been easy. Student debt…difficult personalities…turmoil and team turnover…it adds up.

Maybe…for the moment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’ re just getting started or you’ve been in the dental game long-term, join us as we talk vision…culture…and the habits that transform average practices into highly productive, profitable and pleasurable places to work.

Learning Objectives:

• Grow your production 30% in 3 months

• Captivate and keep a top performing team

• Overcome the downward insurance reimbursement trends


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