Modern Endodontics
A Step by Step Approach to Efficient Endodontics

Hands-on Presentation


SPEAKER: Carlos H. R. Camargo DDS, MS, PhD

DATE: Wednesday, April 3rd – 8:30 am to 11:30 am


Carlos H. R. Camargo DDS, MS, PhD

After completing his DDS, Dr. Camargo started work in private practice, and in 1996 and began a faculty career at the same University as a Professor in Endodontics. During his academic career, he finished his Master’s in 1998, Ph.D, in 2002 and received a promotion for Associate Professor in Endodontics in 2008.

Dr. Camargo coordinated the Endodontic Clinics for more than ten years and Endodontic Certification Course for five years. Moreover, for more than 20 years, and has been actively involved at a Dental Trauma Center and has preformed innumerous amount of procedures in all aspects of Endodontics at the Adams School of Dentistry at UNC at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Camargo is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Association of Endodontics (AAE), International Association for Dental Trauma (IADT), and the International/American Association for Dental Research (IADR/AADR).

Dr. Camargo’s expertise is in Root Canal Therapy, Dental Emergency, Dental Trauma, Apical Surgery, Endo-Periodontology, Endo-Prosthodontic, Endo-Ortho, Caries Excavation, and Pulp Conservative Treatments. He believes in Evidence-Based Dentistry, using the modern and better approach for Endodontics. Dr. Camargo has been involved with research with scholar activity and research fund as primary investigator and publishing over 100 papers in Endodontics.

Course Description

Hands-on Workshop – This is a Limited Attended Course – Register Today to Secure Your Spot!

Learn about procedural endodontics techniques from beginning to end and learn the newest technology in endo motor and file technology and how to become more efficient with your chair time.

This hands-on course is designed for dental professionals seeking to refine their skills in accessing, negotiating, and treating root canals with optimal efficiency. Participants will delve into strategies for accessing root canal systems and navigating anatomical challenges. The course will emphasize the use of invasive Endodontics using minimal number of files, single-cone obturation technique and ultrasonic disinfection. This streamlined endodontic approach will enhance patient comfort and treatment outcomes. Additionally this course will help elevate your endodontic practice and hopefully bring more productivity in house while also establishing yourself as a provider of efficient, patient-centered root canal therapy.

• How to be efficient in accessing and negotiating root canals
• Preparing root canals using fewer files
• Single cone obturation

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